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Selmer Paris Series III Model 64
Selmer Paris Series III Model 64
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  • Manufactured by: Selmer

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Spirit of the 1954
Mark VI – solid,
centered sound


Reference 54 bore –
angled for standing


 High F# key


Special brass alloy with
higher copper content
– warmer sound


Compact key
positioning – closer to
the body and more
directly under the hand

 Front F key


 Left-hand thumb rest


 Right-hand thumb rest

Metal adjustable

 Adjusting screws

High E & F, G# key,
F#/G# lug, F#/G#
adjusting bar, low
C#, low B, side C,

 Pivot screws


 Needle springs

Blued steel


Treated kid leather
with plastic resonators
– less edge


Clear lacquer

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