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Waves GTR Tool Rack Native
Waves GTR Tool Rack Native
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Like all of Waves acclaimed plug-ins, Waves GTR was designed to provide recording professionals with a level of sound quality and performance previously unattainable in software.

Waves’ goal wasn’t to offer jusft another substitute for real amps and effects, but to create a tool engineers and producers could use as their first choice, with no excuses. It was also crucial that Waves GTR satisfy session guitarists accustomed to the very best in tone and feel.

The first step was the development of an entirely new, proprietary sampling method for guitar amps, cabinets, microphone placement and effects which produces tones of unmatched realism.

Next, the amp and effects plug-ins were developed independently and optimized to meet professional requirements for mono and stereo recording (including dual amp and dual cabinet options), MIDI control, and routing flexibility.

Finally, Waves teamed with Paul Reed Smith Guitars to refine the system’s tonal options, improve user efficiency, and to create a hardware interface that would deliver a superior input signal.

Waves/PRS Interface

An electric guitar produces a high impedance signal with an extremely wide range of frequencies and dynamics, while recording systems rarely offer guitar-compatible inputs. This mismatch isn’t addressed by most amp modeling solutions, and the result can be an irretrievable tone loss before the signal can even be processed.

To solve this problem, Waves and PRS Guitars developed a hardware interface which retains the guitar’s full range of dynamics and fidelity as it transforms the signal to low impedance and converts the guitar’s unbalanced signal to a balanced signal for better hum control.

An extremely transparent preamplifier circuit allows levels to be matched to cover a wide range of inputs, as well as differing pickups, from high output humbuckers to low output single coils.

The interface features custom-designed circuitry, extremely high quality components, studio-grade jacks and superior wiring to maintain tone at this critical point in the signal path. Outputs are at microphone or line levels, and balanced or unbalanced on XLR and 1/4" TS jack respectively. A 3-LED indicator shows signal present, nominal level when lit occasionally (showing that the best balance between level and S/N ratio is being delivered) and over.

Waves Amp

Designed to recreate the sound captured in a traditional guitar recording session, Waves Amp was developed using entirely new, proprietary methods to sample amplifiers, cabinets, and microphone positions. Special test signals were created to reproduce the character, extreme dynamics and frequency range of guitar signals. Measurements were taken at different levels to capture the non-linear distortion and harmonic overtones of many real-world systems.

Designed to recreate the sound captured in a traditional guitar recording session, Waves Amp was developed using entirely new, proprietary methods to sample amplifiers, cabinets, and microphone positions. Special test signals were created to reproduce the character, extreme dynamics and frequency range of guitar signals. Measurements were taken at different levels to capture the non-linear distortion and harmonic overtones of many real-world systems.

Efficient Controls to Get Your Unique Tone Fast

To maximize efficiency and productivity, Waves Amp presents a choice of seven amps intelligently categorized by sound, and increasing levels of drive. Direct Delivers a full-frequency, transparent tone, with light EQ and a hint of dynamics processing. Clean Smooth and warm, with shimmering highs, and luscious overtones. Edgy For when you need a big, rich sound, with more than just a touch of attitude. Drive The go-to amp for bluesy growl, fat saturated sounds, and everything in between. Crunch Tailor-made for sizzling lead lines, and heavy sustained walls of grunge. Hot Perfect for aggressive high gain sounds, scorching riffs, and stinging solos. Modern Dedicated to cutting-edge solo tones, and drop-tuned power chords. Each amp opens with its tone and drive controls set to a sweet spot. In addition, the cabinet, microphone, and placement are all changed to put you at the optimal starting point for that particular amp. It’s like having a studio technician set up and adjust the amp and cabinets so you can concentrate on the final tweaks. Of course, you can change and save parameter settings in as many custom presets as you like, just as you can with any Waves plug-in.

Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence knobs provide interactive tone-shaping controls specifically tuned for each amp. The Drive control is normalized to produce similar loudness at any drive setting. This lets you adjust Drive for tone without needing to readjust output gain.

Dual-Cabinet and Dual-Mic Options

Two classic techniques for getting great guitar sound in the studio are recording an amp with two different microphones or playing through two cabinets. Waves Amp gives you these options in every configuration, providing six different microphones to choose from, with each either on or off axis. You can also reverse the phase of either cabinet for even more tonal options. Cabinet sounds can be blended together easily using the Gain controls. Each cabinet can be panned separately when used in stereo.

The cabinet sounds were taken from vintage speaker boxes recorded with classic microphones using the placement of engineers known for their superior guitar tracks. A new level of accuracy was achieved by using advanced capturing techniques originally developed for Waves' award-winning IR-1 Reverb.

Waves Stomp

Like the entire GTR system, Waves Stomp was designed so you can get professional results quickly. It’s easy to use because it works so much like a real collection of stomp boxes inserted into a pedal board.

The PedalBoard is offered in Mono, Mono to Stereo and Stereo channel configurations. You can place the stomps in any order; multiple instances of the same stomp can even be chained together. The selection of stomps and their settings, including an alternative “B setting” can be saved to PedalBoard setup files or workstation documents.

As Easy to Use as Real Stomps

To get started, you open a two, four, or six station PedalBoard on a track. Then you select Stomps from the pop-up menu at the bottom of each station. Don’t worry about being limited by your choice; you can change the size or the stereo/mono configuration of the PedalBoard even after loading it with Stomps. The PedalBoard will keep your Stomps in place and reconfigure itself automatically.

You can activate any of the Stomps by clicking on the Stomp’s pedal. Just like a real pedal board, you can get different sounds by rearranging the order of the pedals. Simply drag and drop any Stomp to any position you like.

But unlike a real pedal board, the Waves stomps automatically change from mono to stereo or stereo to mono if needed, depending on where they’re dropped in the chain. For example, if you move a stereo Delay in front of a mono-to-stereo Chorus, it becomes a mono Delay. If you’ve saved a stereo pedal layout as a preset and open it on a mono track, the PedalBoard automatically converts to mono plug-ins.

In fact, the Waves PedalBoard offers dozens of features that make it far more versatile than real pedals. For instance, it offers multiple undos that allow you to easily return to an earlier configuration.

Using the A/B feature, you can set up two different chains and instantly compare them. The A/B feature can be automated so that you can switch chains automatically on the fly.

Automation and MIDI Control

The PedalBoard and Stomps are fully automatable, letting you create dramatic effects that change over time.

You can also use an outboard MIDI controller such as an expression pedal for real time control of any Stomp parameter.

In fact, using a MIDI foot controller, you can control nearly every function of the Waves PedalBoard, switching Stomp effects in and out or calling up entire chains with ease. This lets you program effects for an entire song and make the changes in real time, just as you would with a real pedal board.

In keeping with the goal of achieving pro sounds quickly, the Waves PedalBoard comes with dozens of carefully designed presets. These include entire chains of Stomps that have been tweaked to produce stunning effects.

There are 23 Stomps, including everything from basic EQ, Compression and Gating to modulation effects such as Flanger, Phaser, Wah, Octaver and Chorus, to various delays and reverbs as well as several flavors of distortion. Many stomps that have time based controls such as LFO rate or Delay Time can be synced to the host BPM.

Also included is the Waves Tuner, which can be set to Chromatic or Alternate tunings. A lit arrow lets you know which way to tune, while a highlighted note tells you which note you’re tuning to. The tuning reference can be adjusted plus or minus 6 Hertz from 440.


OverDrive is a classic effect which delivers everything from a gentle growl to screaming highs Distortion takes the intensity up a notch, giving you even more crunch and bite Fuzz features classic big and brutal distortion Buzz is a light weight resonant buzz box Metal’s dual distortion engine takes you to the edge and beyond Flanger goes from light, feathery swirls to extreme jet sweeps with the flip of a switch Vibrolo is a combination Vibrato and Tremolo Panner is based on Waves’ acclaimed MondoMod and includes pan modulation Phaser is modeled after a classic vintage phaser stomp Octaver synthesizes up to two octaves below your input, and gives you control over their gain and panning WahWah has both an AutoWah that reacts to your input as well as a Manual Mode that responds to external control Chorus goes from a gentle touch to serious mangling, including Leslie effects Doubler replicates the input in another 2 voices with options for detuning and delay Pitcher creates automatic harmonies and does real time pitch shifting Delay synchronizes to your host BPM for traditional and polyrhytmic ping-pong effects Lay-D is capable of mind-bending Reverse, Pitch Shift, and Delay effects Reverb is a high quality room emulator that features a simple, user-friendly interface Spring delivers the sound of spring reverb, a popular feature of classic amps Gate/Comp includes a gate and compressor Compressor offers guitar-oriented dynamics processing and smoothing Gate is great for shutting out noise and weak signals Tone is a simple 3 band EQ EQ is a 6 band Graphic equalizer Supported Hosts

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