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Roland  HS-5 Session Mixer


Full-Digital Mixer for Rehearsing Ensembles on Headphones

Mixer Allows Sessions of up to 5 Musicians.
HS-5 is a digital mixer that allows up to five musicians to rehearse their ensembles and jam on their headphones. Each player is able to adjust the balance in the mix, giving bands the ability to rehearse their ensemble accurately and effectively. It also comes with COSM effects for guitar, bass, and vocals, including amp modeling for guitar and bass. You can also use reverbs and other effects on vocals.
You can make stereo recordings to USB thumb drives without using a PC, or you can connect HS-5 to a PC via USB to record each channel on to multiple tracks. You can also save settings for each individual musician.

- Up to five musicians can rehearse their ensemble or jam on headphones.
- Comes with independent controls for balance in the monitor mix.
- COSM amp modeling + vocal effects. It also comes with built-in reverb.
- Record stereo mixes to your USB thumb drive.
- Connect it to your PC via USB to make multitrack recordings.

Each of the five musicians can independently adjust the balance of their monitor mix.
Each musician is able to set their own independent monitor mix using the MIX A thru D switches located at the center of the unit. Together with the main mix, up to five musicians can balance their own monitor mix.
Once an overall mix has been decided, musicians can use the MY MIX knob to adjust the volume of their instrument. You can also make settings using simple operations. The setting values are displayed on the LEDs encircling the knobs so they are easy to check.
You can also connect another HS-5 and run them in tandem for ensembles of up to eight musicians.

Four channels with guitar and bass amp modeling.
HS-5 gives you access to guitar and bass amp modeling on four channels: channels A thru D. This means players can connect their electric guitar or bass directly into HS-5 and jam with the same feel as playing through an amp.
HS-5 also provides controls for the amount of distortion (gain) and compression on mics, as well as equalizer and pan (stereo localization).

Record to your USB thumb drive in stereo or make multitrack recordings on your PC
Connect your USB thumb drive into HS-5's MEMORY jack and use simple operations on the center button to record your performance in stereo.
You can also connect your PC to the COMPUTER jack and record each channel onto individual tracks.
This means you can make complete recordings using a simple system combined with your DAW.
(Mic and line on each of the channels A thru D will be recorded in their mixed state.)

Also comes with a metronome function
Press the CLICK button to run a click track, which is essential for rehearsing.
You can set the tempo by tapping the switch at the desired tempo.

Save all settings

The snapshot function allows you to save all current settings to your USB thumb drive. By saving your settings, you can resume your performance easily, for example, if you need to change locations or if some time has gone by since your last rehearsal.
*Only one set of HS-5 settings can be stored on a single USB thumb drive.

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