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Toontrack The Drumkit From Hell EZX Expansion
Toontrack The Drumkit From Hell EZX Expansion
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Drumkit From Hell aka DFH® was originally created to address Toontrack® Music´s own needs for better and heavier drums in musicproduction. As a result the Toontrack® productionteam decided to record a drumlibrary with the best musicians and producers available in Swedish heavy metal.

Little did they know what they had started. Drumkit From Hell was awarded 5 of 5 in Sound on Sound and an EQ Magazine Exceptional Quality award and launched Toontrack® Music and the DFH® brand in a major way into the sample business enabling the development of the Superior and EZdrummer® samplers. To celebrate and signify the importance of Drumkit From Hell Toontrack® has decided to re-release it as an EZX® expansion pack for EZdrummer®.

The DFH® EZX® contains the essence of what Toontrack® is originally all about. The commitment to excellence through collaboration with the best players and producers aimed at helping you to make better, more inspired music. This version of DFH® includes both the original DFH® release and the Add-On pack that was released subsequently. The sounds for DFH® were played, recorded and produced at Dug Out studios by Tomas Haake, Daniel Bergstrand, Mattias Eklund and Fredrik Thordendal. All sounds have been re-mixed at Toontrack® Studios by Mattias Eklund and we´ve added custom MIDI files from the diabolically gifted musician and guitar player of Meshuggah, Fredrik Thordendal plus MIDI played by Tomas Haake of Meshuggah, Owe Lingvall of Nocturnal Rites, Mattias Grahn of Naglfar and Efraim Juntunen of Persuader. Metal at its best. Rock on dude.

Toontrack Drumkit from Hell EZX Sample Library Specifications:

  • 1GB free disc space, 512 Mb RAM, DVD drive, dfh EZdrummer installed

Toontrack Drumkit from Hell EZX Sample Library Features:

  • Kickdrums:
  • Sonor Designer Series 18" x 22" - damped and undamped neutral eq, extreme eq,
  • Ludwig Wood Fiber Glass 24"

  • Ayotte 4" x 14" Maple Shell
  • Ludwig 8" x 14"
  • Pearl Sensitone 6,5x14" Bronze Shell
  • Sonor Designer Series 6,5x14 Maple Light Shell
  • Sonor Designer Series 5x14" Maple Light Shell
  • Sonor Hilite 5x12" Maple Shell
  • Tomas Haake Engineering 7x14" Pockenholz Shell

  • Sonor Designer Series 10x10", 12x12", 13x13", 16x16" and 18x18"

  • 14" Sabian HH Rock HiHat

    Cymbal 1:
  • 19" Sabian AAXtreme Chinese
  • 21" Sabian AAXtreme Chinese
  • 21" Sabian AAXtreme Chinese

    Cymbal 2:
  • 16" Sabian HH Medium Crash
  • 17" Sabian HH Medium Thin Crash
  • 19" Sabian HH Crash Ride

    Cymbal 3:
  • 10" Sabian HH Splash

    Cymbal 4:
  • 20" Sabian HH Crash Ride
  • 21" Sabian HH Crash Ride

    Cymbal 5:
  • 18" Sabian HH Chinese/15" Sabian HH Medium Crash
  • 15" Sabian AAXtreme Chinese/12" Sabian HH Splash
  • 15" Sabian AAXtreme Chinese

    Cymbal 6:
  • 8" Sabian HH Splash

    Cymbal 7:
  • 22" Sabian HH Power Bell Ride
  • 22" Sabian HH Crash Ride

    Cymbal 8:
  • 12" Sabian HH Splash

    Cymbal 9:
  • 20" Sabian HH Dark Chinese (Brilliant)
  • 20" Sabian HH Dark Chinese

    Cymbal 10:
  • 21" Sabian HH Medium Crash
  • 22" Sabian HH Crash Ride

    Cymbal 11:
  • 22" Sabian Ed Thigpen Crystal Bell Ride
  • 23" Sabian HH Crash Ride

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