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Toontrack Vintage Rock EZX Expansion
Toontrack Vintage Rock EZX Expansion
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The Vintage Rock Brushes and Sticks EZX® contains recordings of the legendary Ludwig Keystone Drum Set.

The Ludwig Drum Company had little idea what was about to hit them in the months following February 9th 1964, The Beatles debut U.S. Television appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. The band were a sensation and almost overnight everyone wanted to own a set of Ludwig drums just like Ringo's. In fact, Ludwig were still struggling to keep up with demand when along came another drumming icon John Bonham. As well as his use of the Supraphonic snare drum, Bonham popularised larger sizes, including the 24" bass drum similar to the one sampled for the Vintage Rock Brushes and Sticks EZX®. This 60's era Ludwig set belongs to 2khz Studio owner Nick Yeatman and we were very happy he lent it to us so we could capture that phat and funky Ludwig sound.
The Ludwig Keystone Kit was played by Chris Whitten and mixed by producer Peter Henderson and Mattias Eklund from Toontrack® Music. To it we´ve added the classic Ludwig Black Beauty and Slingerland Radio King snares and a number of cool complimentary cymbals. The Vintage Rock - Brushes and Sticks EZX® is topped up with customized MIDI played by top notch drummer Morgan Ågren (Frank Zappa).

EZX Expansions for EZ Drummer
EZX-s are expansion packs for DFH EZdrummer featuring drums and percussion sound banks to be used with the basic EZD module. They also contain additional MIDI files to offer you even more choice building your tracks.

The philosophy behind EZX is to give the user sounds recorded and mixed by the best in the business at an affordable price. The sounds are tweaked with specific genres in mind and recorded by top producers. When loading an EZX an interactive picture of the drumkit contained in that expansion will appear in the main window of EZD and allow all the prelistening and construction features specific to that particular expansion.

To access an EZX expansion preinstalled on your computer click the EZX display in the main window. If you have installed one or more EZX a pull down menu will reveal the available options.

Technical Info

System Requirements
1 GB free disc space

512 MB RAM

DVD drive

DFH EZ Drummer installed (sold separately).

Instrument List
- Ludwig Keystone (1960's) 14x24 in. (Felt and Plastic Beater)

- Black Beauty 20's 5x14 in. (Sticks & Brushes)
- Ludwig B/O Supraphonic (1970's) 6,5x14 in. (Sticks & Brushes)
- Ludwig B/O Supraphonic Low Tuning 6,5x14 in. (Sticks)
- Slingerland Radioking 1940's 7x14 in. (Sticks)

- Racktom, Ludwig Keystone (1960's) 9x13 in. (Sticks & Brushes)
- Floortom, Ludwig Keystone (1960's) 16x16 in. (Sticks & Brushes)

- 13 in. K Zildjian Istanbul (1960's) (Sticks)
- 15 in. Paiste Formula 602 Medium (Sticks & Brushes)

Cymbals position 1:
- 17 in. Zildjian Dark Crash (Sticks & Brushes)
- 18 in. Paiste Signature Fast Crash (Sticks & Brushes)
- 16 in. Paiste Signature Fast Crash (Sticks & Brushes)

Cymbals position 2:
- 17 in. K Zildjian Dark Crash (Sticks & Brushes)
- 22 in. Zildjian Swish Knocker (Sticks & Brushes)
- 17 in. Paiste Signature Fast Crash (Sticks & Brushes)

- 22 in. A Zildjian Ride (1950's) (Sticks & Brushes)
- 20 in. K Zildjian Heavy Ride (Sticks & Brushes)

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