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Electro-Harmonix - Spruce Goose Overdrive

In stock
Montreal Toronto
Greenfield Park Ottawa
Dollard-Des-Ormeaux Online
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Steve's Code : 41137

UPC Code : 683274012575

Manufactured By : Electro-Harmonix

Liftoff with the EHX Spruce Goose Overdrive, an elevated take on a Bluesbreaker®-style OD with a smooth, rich breakup that retains clarity and dynamics. The Spruce Goose soars with a host of new features including a "Lift" switch accessing 3 input gain settings, additional output, and expanded EQ to send your tone flying! From meaty boost to smooth singing leads, the Spruce Goose steers your tone into a variety of inspiring and musical directions.

The engine of the Spruce Goose is an overdrive circuit renowned for its natural breakup and amp-like response. This circuit is then elevated to new heights by the "Lift" switch which selects between 3 levels of input gain. "Lift" effectively works as an input boost, goosing the front end of the drive circuit hitting harder and producing a more compressed, saturated tone while still retaining its dynamic feel and transparent tone. "Gain" and "Vol" knobs adjust for exact drive and output levels. EQ of the pedal consists of a "Treble" knob for taming topping and an active "Bass" knob to cut or boost bass frequencies. "Bass" is especially helpful for adding girth to single-coil guitars or tightening the low end on warmer humbucker guitars.

The Spruce Goose also features mechanical relay true-bypass switching with latching and momentary action. Tap the footswitch for a normal latching toggle or press and hold the footswitch for a momentary blast of gain and boost! Great for stepping out in front of the mix for pulling quick lick or moment of sonic chaos.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

- OD Circuit Inspired by Marshall Bluesbreaker®
- Enhanced Output Range
- "Lift" Switch Adds Gain to Push Saturation
- Active "Bass" Knob Sets Low-End Response
- "Vol", "Gain" and "Treble" Knobs
- True Bypass Soft FSW w/ Latch and Momentary Action
- 9 V Battery Included

- Circuit: Analog
- Bypass: True Bypass
- Audio: Mono
- Power Supply: 9 V battery included
- Dimensions (in): 4.5 x 2.75 x 2.1
- Current Draw: 20 mA
- Year Released: 2023
- UPC: 683274012575