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Ross - Phaser

$240.00 $180.00
Save: $60.00
Until December 6th 2023
In stock
Montreal Toronto
Greenfield Park Ottawa
Dollard-Des-Ormeaux Online
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Steve's Code : 33341

UPC Code : 6.50415E+11

Manufactured By : Ross

- Welcome to a new era of Ross pedals. After countless hours of painstaking research and design, this pedal brings you the story, legacy and sound that made the original Ross brand a timeless staple for guitarists and collectors worldwide. Featuring five classic Ross circuits, this series offers something for every player. Each pedal is manufactured in a classic Ross enclosure style at the JHS Pedals facility in Kansas City, MO, using the same stringent quality standards you’ve come to expect. Notable improvements over the vintage units include soft touch bypass, lower noise and a mode switch with two settings for added versatility.
- The Ross Phaser is a versatile and easy to use OTA-based phaser and is a faithful reproduction of the original Ross circuit. This pedal excels at vintage phase tones: fast, slow and everything in between. If you need phasing that can sit perfectly in the mix, inspire a new riff or flawlessly replicate the past, this pedal is for you.

- “Rate” adjusts the speed of the LFO (left is slower, right is faster). “Recycle” controls the amount of feedback from the phaser output stage to the input stage, emphasizing frequencies or resonance (left is less intense, right is more intense). The side push switch toggles between two modes: classic Analog Phaser and Univibe (simulating the late sixties Shin-Ei circuit). The footswitch activates the pedal via soft touch bypass switching and the status LED indicates that the circuit is active.

- The ¼” input and output jacks connect your guitar and amplifier. The power jack accepts standard 9 V DC negative center power and consumes 42 mA.

* Unboxed: 5.0 x 3.5 x 1.7 inches /// 0.7 lb
* Boxed: 6 x 4 x 3 inches /// 1.1 lb

* This pedal requires 9 V DC negative center. 42 mA consumption. Do not use more than 9 V DC, or your warranty will be voided.