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Switchcraft - 3-Position Right Angle Toggle Switch Exact Replacement For Gibson SG #12013 WDE6SW-1

In stock
Montreal Toronto
Greenfield Park Ottawa
Dollard-Des-Ormeaux Online
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Steve's Code : 17346

Manufactured By : Switchcraft

This is the exact Switchcraft® right angle toggle switch as used in Gibson® SG guitars or where the short 3/16 in. bushing length only has to pass through a thin wood top or pickguard. Switchcraft #12013. Electrical: Contact Ratings: Fine silver contacts rated at 3A, 300W maximum AC non-inductive load standard. Leakage Resistance: 1,000 MW or greater Dielectric Strength: 250 VDC Materials: Frame: Steel, plated Bushing and Shaft: Copper alloy, plated Springs: Copper alloy Knob: Molded thermoplastic Mounting Hardware: Knurled copper alloy locknut T10711, supplied Insulation: Rigid plastic spacers with plastic tubing through stack. Rigid plastic and/or thermoplastic lifters. Thermoplastic cam on actuator end